New Dates: November 10 - 12, 2020
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We’ve put together support materials that you can use to convince your employer to sponsor your registration fee so that you can attend Facing Race, which is going to be online this year!

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Facing Race provides groups a chance to learn together. Our new group rates offer steeper discounts for large groups—the more people who register as a group the greater the savings!

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Welcome to the Facing Race Blog where we’ll elevate ideas and discussions about racial equity and advancing racial justice, and to bridge partnerships as we prepare to produce our first virtual Facing Race ever.

About Going Virtual


For over 15 years, Race Forward has brought you the largest, inter-generational, and multicultural conference on racial justice in the U.S. In the past, the conference has hosted over 4,000 attendees from all over the world to convene, organize, and mobilize for a more equitable future. Previous Facing Race National Conferences have been held in Atlanta, Baltimore, Berkeley, Chicago, Dallas, Oakland, New York, and Detroit.

商户收录_百度口碑 - Baidu:百度口碑通过网民对商家的真实评价,有凭有据的消费投诉,专业人士点评,商家口碑事件,帮助用户决策。是体现网民对商家、产品或服务态度的信息平台。网民可以通过本系统平台发布对线下交易过程中所感受的服务,商家印象,自身评价,形成口碑,助力广大网民信息决策。


Founded in 1981, Race Forward catalyzes movement building for racial justice. In partnership with communities, organizations, and sectors, we build strategies to advance racial justice in our policies, institutions, and culture.

Race Forward is home to the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE), a national network of government working to achieve racial equity and advance opportunities for all. Race Forward publishes the daily news site Colorlines and presents Facing Race every other year.

税制安排对产业结构的影响--《经济纵横》2021年02期 - CNKI:【摘要】:我国产业结构失衡有很深刻的税收背景,税收制度安排缺失制约产业结构调整,以流转税为主体的税制结构和税负的不合理强化了产业结构的失衡;财权与事权分割效应及其扩散效应的叠加也使税收的结构效应传导机制被破坏,从而阻碍了产业结构调整的步伐。




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